Moongirlpaula (I'm a Na'vi native)

Moongirlpaula (I'm a Na'vi native)
I'm a bit different from other people

Friday, September 24, 2010

Inger from Sweden?

Hello, this is Inger from Sweden. No, no, no. I make a joke. This is me. It is Moongirl. Today is Australian Football Grand Final day. Moonboy is watching the game on the television. I took Moondog to the beach earlier today (photo at right). He had a good swim and a bath when he got home. Time for me to relax now. Good cheer to everyone. This is Moongirl signing off.

Australia/New Zealand PIL Artists Event

I belong to an international on-line art group called PIL i.e. "Paintings I Love" and as of the past 48 hours, a small group of Australian artists has been organising an event to bring all of the Australia/New Zealand PIL artists together on a grand scale social event in Jan-Feb 2011. It may all take place in my home town of Adelaide. Very exciting. Click on the "Alternative Madonna" pic at right to go to PIL artsite. This is Moongirl signing off.

Can you fly?

I have had dreams when I can fly. It is an amazing experience. I am usually in some kind of danger, but I use my power to fly to escape the danger. This is Moongirl signing off x

Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Office for Moongirl

After many many years of working at the same office location, I have now moved to a new location. Today I added some of my possessions to my new office, a photograph of Moonboy and one of Moondog has been placed on the windowsill next to my desk. I now have beautiful big windows to let the sun shine in on me. My computer equipment has not arrived yet, so the desk is only covered with boxes and other paraphernalia at the moment. A new era for Moongirl. This is Moongirl signing off.

Violence in our streets

The escalating violence in our streets has become of great concern to me in recent times. I was very sad to see a mascot named Terry the Termite, who dances and performs to the traffic every morning, now has a body guard beside him. I do not know what happened. I presume that someone must have attacked Terry. Terry brings so much joy to motorists every morning with his dancing and joy. I am very sad for him and for our society in these violent times. This is Moongirl signing off.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Winter's Malice - Poetry and Artwork by Paula Kerr

Winter's Malice (c) Paula Kerr 2009

And winter's malice
left a stain
she could not wash
from her soiled face

Lele - my dear friend

Lele is one of my best friends. She has also starred in several of my movies. Lele grew up in Los Angeles USA but now resides in Australia. She is a very friendly and social girl. I painted her portrait some time ago your can see it in the photo section at right. This is Moongirl signing off.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Where Lilacs Bloom - Original poetry by Paula Kerr (c) Paula Kerr 2010

Her tainted spirit dragged through the gravel
leaving a deep gouging scar along the tortured road
of her battle stricken life

A bead of perspiration escaped
from the desert that was her face
It fell to a place beneath her feet, a silent explosion

The rod across her back
weighed heavy, bones cracked, sad sighs echoed
and stifled breath laboured

The crow, black feathers, evil eyes
followed the trail of her thoughts, words
that bled into the sad ballad of wind

A stranger sat on the side of the road
fighting off and swatting flies that stuck to his skin
and sucked his blood

From beneath the dusty brim of his hat
his eyes, dark portholes from hell, peered at the approaching
blur of his long awaited guest

A sudden gust of wind and smothering red sand
filled his lungs, eyes shut tight
and then the subtle sweet smell of lilacs

He stood and patted off the sand from his clothes
without even a thought of looking down at that place
in the road, where lilacs bloom

****Francais version ****

Son esprit contaminé traîné dans le gravier
laissant une cicatrice profonde gougeage long de la route tourmentée
de la vie son combat sinistrées

Une perle de sueur échappé
du désert qui a été son visage
Il est tombé à un endroit sous ses pieds, une explosion silencieuse

La tige sur son dos
pesé lourd, les os fêlés, tristes soupirs écho
et le souffle étouffé travaillé

Le corbeau, plumes noires, le mal des yeux
suivi la piste de ses pensées, ses paroles
qui saignait dans la ballade triste du vent

Un inconnu était assis sur le bord de la route
repoussant et frappent des mouches qui collaient à sa peau
et sucé son sang

De sous le bord de son chapeau poussiéreux
ses yeux, sombres hublots de l'enfer, se pencha sur l'approche
flou de son hôte tant attendu

Un coup de vent et d'étouffement de sable rouge
rempli ses poumons, yeux fermés
et puis l'odeur subtile douceur de lilas

Il se leva et tapota sur le sable de ses vêtements
sans même une pensée de regarder vers le bas à cet endroit
sur la route, où la floraison des lilas

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Insomniac

At night when others sleep, she walks through walls into other dimensions. She hears the sound of the night. She hears the loud silence. She sees the white face of the owl. She is alone. She feels the loneliness in her skin. She would like to sleep....but.... This is Moongirl signing off.


I do not sleep. I dream. I run from one danger to the next. Wild animals pursue me. Demons emerge from shadows. Stairs lead nowhere. Tidal waves engulf me. Death pursues me. I would like to sleep without dreams. This is Moongirl signing off.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mother Mary MacKillop

In my last year of high school I performed a solo narration on the life of Mother Mary MacKillop at an area schools concert. I did not know then that many years later Mother Mary MacKillop would be ordained a saint. I don't know if she was a saint, but she certainly did a lot of charitable work for the poor in educating their children. She fought valiantly for her cause and deserves to be honoured, perhaps this is the way? I created a portrait to honour her. This is Moongirl signing off.

Dead End Street

It happens at the darkest times in your life. You suddenly find yourself walking down a dark alley. Menacing shadows reach out to grab you. Fear consumes your every move. But still there is a little bright light to show you the way. Keep concentrating on the light and the shadows will fade away. This is Moongirl signing off.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Family day at the beach 11-9-10

When things get tough Moonboy, Moongirl and Moondog head off to the beach. Breathe in the fresh sea air, walk on the soft white sand and wade in the crystal water. This is Moongirl signing off.

noboobsaboutit website cites figures - My reply - I am not doing well!

I recently sent a personal invitation to a lady from the "NO BOOBS ABOUT IT" website (a site for women suffering from breast cancer) to become a member of my website "Shades of Grey" (which is open to all people suffering from all types of cancer and chronic illness). The lady advised that her site could not be aligned with mine because her site was for breast cancer only.

In the first part I was not asking for any alignment between the two sites, I was merely extending a personal invitation to the lady herself to join my site as a member, however, I accepted this as a reasonable reply to my invitation.

On the other hand, she then also cited percentages of the frequency of breast cancer opposed to other cancers as the reason for not becoming a member of my site. To this point I take issue. I constantly see the flood of empathy for women suffering from breast cancer with other cancer sufferers receiving much less empathy. I do have empathy for women suffering from breast cancer and I do have empathy for other people suffering from the many other types of cancers. I do not distinguish between cancer sufferers. I do not cite percentages of frequency, citing one cancer to be of more peril or of more importance than another.

The lady also commented that she was happy to hear I was doing well. For the record dear lady, I am not doing well. I suffer from extreme excruciating pain associated with radiation damage to my abdomen, bowel and rectum. The teeth in my mouth are rotting because of dry mouth syndrome caused by radiation treatment. I cannot walk because the broken bones in my feet will not heal due to deficiencies caused by the radiation treatment. I take high dosage pain medicine daily to enable me to go to work every day because that is the only way I can pay for my expensive medicines. I suffer from severe depression with the knowledge that cancer cells may appear elsewhere in my body any day. My regular tests and checkups at the Cancer Clinic are constant reminders that I am still a high risk of dying from cancer. I fight off thoughts of suicide daily because the pain gets so bad I don't think I can bear it any longer. As I said, I am not doing well, but every day I get out of my bed and I do the absolute best that I can in the circumstances, because my loved ones depend on me, and because I know that I can help other sufferers in the world. I created my website "Shades of Grey" http:/ to help as many people as I can who have been diagnosed with cancer, who suffer extreme pain daily, who fight depression and who fight thoughts of suicide. So, for the record dear lady from the website "NOBOOBSABOUTIT", the incidence of breast cancer as quoted by you, may be more frequent than endometrial cancer, but the far reaching after effects for endometrial cancer and the consequent damage by radiation treatment to internal organs are no less than that of a person suffering from breast cancer. I have many friends who have and who are still suffering from breast cancer and yes I do empathise with them, BUT, I would never cite percentages or trivialise another person's fight with cancer.

I hope your site continues to help those suffering from breast cancer. I just hope that people such as yourself become more aware of the plights of other cancer sufferers in this world whose suffering is no less prolific or less important than that of breast cancer sufferers.

Yes, NOBOOBSABOUTIT website, I was upset by your words in your recent email to me, but I feel much better now that I have been able to share these insights with you. This is Moongirl signing off.

Book of my life

The Pages of my book flicker past my eyes, days melting into weeks, weeks into months and volumes of years into a lifetime. This is Moongirl signing off. xxx

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Open the mind

Oh how I wish that more people would open their minds so that they can see other perspectives, other options, other possibilities, if only they would open their minds. This is Moongirl signing off. xxx

Moonmum is now 80 years old

Moonmum is now 80 years old. See her photo at right of page. She received a letter from the local Federal Member for Parliament today congratulating her on her 80th birthday. Happy birthday Mum :)))) xxxx Moongirl

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Dry Food Idea

Diagnosed with dry throat and dry mouth syndromes as a consequence of radiation therapy, Moongirl decided she could be marketed as a new dry food source. See photograph at right..... Moongirl on skewer

Monday, September 6, 2010


Take away my feet and I will crawl. Take away my sight and I will learn braille. Take away my hearing and I will learn to love the silence. Take away my speech and I will use sign language. Take away my friends and I will make new friends. Take away those I love and I am lost. This is Moongirl signing off.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I changed into another person when I was told I had cancer.

I changed into another person when I was told I had cancer. It was like someone had reached deep inside of my body and pulled out everything, everything that had made me who I was. They left nothing inside of me, except for the numb minimal consciousness that let me know I was somehow still alive. After several years I am still alive. I still suffer though from permanent radiation damage and deep psychological scars. The dreadful pain is a constant reminder that I am still alive. There is one thing I miss more than anything else from my pre-cancer days and that is the wonderful, now elusive, feeling of JOY!. Oh how I wish I could feel Joy again. This is Moongirl signing off.