Moongirlpaula (I'm a Na'vi native)

Moongirlpaula (I'm a Na'vi native)
I'm a bit different from other people

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Three artworks donated to "Painting for a Purpose" Charity Art Exhibition

I have now donated 3 artworks from my Copper and Bead collection for the "Painting for a Purpose" Charity Art Exbibition taking place 4th February, 2011 at the Chambers Gallery, City of Marion Council, 245 Sturt Road, Sturt South Australia. The launch is between 6pm-9pm. Supporting "Little Heroes Foundation" benefiting children with cancer and other serious illnesses. Click on photograph at right to see collection.

Children playing in fountain at Glenelg Square South Australia

Hello, I took these photographs of children playing in a fountain at Glenelg Square, South Australia this afternoon 6-11-10. I asked their mother's permission first. You can now see the photographs if you click on the photo at right. The scenes are filled with the joy that only children can know. Something new, something fun, something exciting. Thank you Nazia for allowing me to photograph your children. This is Moongirl signing off. xxx

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Portraits of the Moongirls

I have decided to do portraits of the Moongirls. See the first one at right. Moongirl Kerry. This is Moongirl signing off. xxx

Friday, October 29, 2010

Little Heroes - Moongirls are GO!

Moongirl can now say that the Moongirls are now in discussion with "Little Heroes" the charity group working for kids with cancer and other illnesses. The Charity Art Exhibition "Painting for a Purpose" is now solidly progressing, with PIL members attending Adelaide South Australia 4th February, 2011 for the big event, 60+ paintings from all over the world, great venue, support charity, sponsors, entertainment. It is all happening. Well done Moongirls. You are all special in your own unique ways. Moongirls are GO!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Moongirls - Individually Designed Tribal Necklaces

Moongirl has designed individual tribal necklaces for the new honourary moongirls. They are now well on their way to becoming full moongirls. Congratulations to MoongirlCharleen, MoongirlMargaret, MoongirlJules and MoongirlKerry. See tribal necklaces in link at right of this blog. This is Moongirl signing off.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Moongirls are doin' it for the kids

In amongst the clamour of cars bumper to bumper on highways, people walking shoulder to shoulder in the streets and a world filled with some good and some horrors, we find the children, the beautiful children of this world. The Moongirls are working to help some of these children. They are currently fighting to acquire funds to help Kids with Cancer. They fight the GOOD fight and will not lay down their hope, their striving, their positive goals until the deed is done. "Painting for a Purpose" Charity Art Exhibition 4th February, 2011, The Chambers Gallery, City of Marion Council South Australia. Moongirls are doin' it for the kids. This is Moongirl signing off.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


All of the wonderful Moonpeople, including, MoongirlCharleen, MoongirlJules, MoongirlMargaret, MoongirlKerry and MoongirlPaula have been working very hard to bring this hugely wonderful event together. The list of artists and artworks have grown to a very healthy number. The event promises to be one that people will remember for a very long time. And most importantly the proceeds are being donated to all of the beautiful children suffering from cancer. Moongirl's heart is bursting. See the link and photo at right of this page. This is Moongirl signing off xxx

Saturday, October 23, 2010

"The Scout" Artwork by Paula Kerr

Moongirl has decided to donate her favourite copper and bead artwork "The Scout" to the "Painting for a Purpose" Charity Art Exhibition. See photo at right. This is Moongirl signing off.

Friday, October 22, 2010

PIL Escape Club - "Paintings for a Purpose" Charity Art Exhibition

PIL Escape Club are working magic organising the first ever meeting of PIL (Paintings I Love) artists from all over the world. Currently there are in excess of 40 paintings donated by artists from all over the world being exhibited in the Charity Art Exhibition "Paintings for a Purpose" to take place 4th February to 17th February, 2011 at the Chambers Gallery, City of Marion in South Australia. Proceeds from sales are being donated to a charity that helps kids with cancer. More information on the charity will be announced soon, once registration papers are completed. My heart swells with pride to be involved in this amazing event. This is Moongirl signing off. xxx

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Josh - Wheelchair wonder

Josh is an extraordinarily intelligent, funny and talented young boy who lives in a wheel chair. He suffers terrible pains in his bones and joints from his illness, but rarely complains. Moonboy drives Josh to school every day and enjoys all of the wonderful exchanges he has with Josh, who entertains Moonboy with his singing and his insightful questions and comments. Josh changed Moongirl and Moonboy's lives in such a positive way. There is not a day passes that Moongirl doesn't ask Moonboy how Josh was for the day. I think Josh is an angel on wheels. This is moongirl signing off. xxx

The Man with Two Brains

Moongirl has copies of nearly all of Steve Martin's movies. My most favourite movie is the Man with Two Brains. The Quote "He wrote 'In Dillman's Grove' and 'Pointy Birds.' O pointy birds, o pointy pointy, anoint my head, anointy-nointy." Moonboy and Moongirl have quoted this poem on numerous occasions since seeing the movie. There seems to be so many instances where it fits into normal everyday occurrences. Another quote from the beginning of the movie always has us in stitches, ( laughing that is).
Little girl, "Sounds like a subdural hematoma to me. "
Dr H "Oh, it does, does it? Well, it's not your job to diagnose.
Little Girl: "But I thought..."
Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr: You thought, you thought. Just go. Three years of nursery school and you think you know it all. Well, you're still wet behind the ears. It's not a subdural hematoma. It's *epidural*. Ha."
This man is so very funny, I read somewhere once that the audience of one of his shows followed him out to the carpark at the end of his show and he continued the show from there. Don't know if it is true, but I hope so. What a very funny man he is. This is Moongirl signing off. x

Moongirl may get wheels

Moongirl has seriously been considering joining the wheelchair brigade. Walking is becoming an extremely difficult task and having a wheelchair to get around at the forthcoming PIL Escape Club event would make things much easier for the Moongirl. Mmmm. Whilst ordinarily it is viewed a handicap to be seen in a wheelchair, I see it as an added skill and talent to be able to drive a wheel chair. It also has its many benefits. I hope though that more venues throughout the world will make better accommodation for the Wheelchair brigade in their cinemas, theatres and concerts. The Wheelchair brigade are people too you know? This is Moongirl signing off x

Sunday, October 10, 2010

PIL Escape Club - Charity Art Auction - Article published in local newspaper

My article about the PIL Escape Club Charity Art Auction was published in the Southern Times Messenger Newspaper today. Click on the photo of the Glenelg Town Hall at right to read article.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Still here

Moongirl has been off line quite a bit lately due to illness. Summer is nearly here. The sun shines and the days are warm. This is Moongirl signing off x

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Artists Unite in Australia

The very first meeting of PIL ("Paintings I Love") artists will take place in Adelaide Australia 4th February 2011. A charity auction of artworks is also happening and the proceeds of the auction will go to Camp Quality, an organisation that raises funds to help children with cancer. I am honoured to be a part of this event and I am so very grateful to the organisers who made it possible for me to attend by having the event in my hometown. See the link at right which will take you to the PIL Escape site on Facebook. This is Moongirl signing off.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Inger from Sweden?

Hello, this is Inger from Sweden. No, no, no. I make a joke. This is me. It is Moongirl. Today is Australian Football Grand Final day. Moonboy is watching the game on the television. I took Moondog to the beach earlier today (photo at right). He had a good swim and a bath when he got home. Time for me to relax now. Good cheer to everyone. This is Moongirl signing off.

Australia/New Zealand PIL Artists Event

I belong to an international on-line art group called PIL i.e. "Paintings I Love" and as of the past 48 hours, a small group of Australian artists has been organising an event to bring all of the Australia/New Zealand PIL artists together on a grand scale social event in Jan-Feb 2011. It may all take place in my home town of Adelaide. Very exciting. Click on the "Alternative Madonna" pic at right to go to PIL artsite. This is Moongirl signing off.

Can you fly?

I have had dreams when I can fly. It is an amazing experience. I am usually in some kind of danger, but I use my power to fly to escape the danger. This is Moongirl signing off x

Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Office for Moongirl

After many many years of working at the same office location, I have now moved to a new location. Today I added some of my possessions to my new office, a photograph of Moonboy and one of Moondog has been placed on the windowsill next to my desk. I now have beautiful big windows to let the sun shine in on me. My computer equipment has not arrived yet, so the desk is only covered with boxes and other paraphernalia at the moment. A new era for Moongirl. This is Moongirl signing off.

Violence in our streets

The escalating violence in our streets has become of great concern to me in recent times. I was very sad to see a mascot named Terry the Termite, who dances and performs to the traffic every morning, now has a body guard beside him. I do not know what happened. I presume that someone must have attacked Terry. Terry brings so much joy to motorists every morning with his dancing and joy. I am very sad for him and for our society in these violent times. This is Moongirl signing off.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Winter's Malice - Poetry and Artwork by Paula Kerr

Winter's Malice (c) Paula Kerr 2009

And winter's malice
left a stain
she could not wash
from her soiled face

Lele - my dear friend

Lele is one of my best friends. She has also starred in several of my movies. Lele grew up in Los Angeles USA but now resides in Australia. She is a very friendly and social girl. I painted her portrait some time ago your can see it in the photo section at right. This is Moongirl signing off.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Where Lilacs Bloom - Original poetry by Paula Kerr (c) Paula Kerr 2010

Her tainted spirit dragged through the gravel
leaving a deep gouging scar along the tortured road
of her battle stricken life

A bead of perspiration escaped
from the desert that was her face
It fell to a place beneath her feet, a silent explosion

The rod across her back
weighed heavy, bones cracked, sad sighs echoed
and stifled breath laboured

The crow, black feathers, evil eyes
followed the trail of her thoughts, words
that bled into the sad ballad of wind

A stranger sat on the side of the road
fighting off and swatting flies that stuck to his skin
and sucked his blood

From beneath the dusty brim of his hat
his eyes, dark portholes from hell, peered at the approaching
blur of his long awaited guest

A sudden gust of wind and smothering red sand
filled his lungs, eyes shut tight
and then the subtle sweet smell of lilacs

He stood and patted off the sand from his clothes
without even a thought of looking down at that place
in the road, where lilacs bloom

****Francais version ****

Son esprit contaminé traîné dans le gravier
laissant une cicatrice profonde gougeage long de la route tourmentée
de la vie son combat sinistrées

Une perle de sueur échappé
du désert qui a été son visage
Il est tombé à un endroit sous ses pieds, une explosion silencieuse

La tige sur son dos
pesé lourd, les os fêlés, tristes soupirs écho
et le souffle étouffé travaillé

Le corbeau, plumes noires, le mal des yeux
suivi la piste de ses pensées, ses paroles
qui saignait dans la ballade triste du vent

Un inconnu était assis sur le bord de la route
repoussant et frappent des mouches qui collaient à sa peau
et sucé son sang

De sous le bord de son chapeau poussiéreux
ses yeux, sombres hublots de l'enfer, se pencha sur l'approche
flou de son hôte tant attendu

Un coup de vent et d'étouffement de sable rouge
rempli ses poumons, yeux fermés
et puis l'odeur subtile douceur de lilas

Il se leva et tapota sur le sable de ses vêtements
sans même une pensée de regarder vers le bas à cet endroit
sur la route, où la floraison des lilas

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Insomniac

At night when others sleep, she walks through walls into other dimensions. She hears the sound of the night. She hears the loud silence. She sees the white face of the owl. She is alone. She feels the loneliness in her skin. She would like to sleep....but.... This is Moongirl signing off.


I do not sleep. I dream. I run from one danger to the next. Wild animals pursue me. Demons emerge from shadows. Stairs lead nowhere. Tidal waves engulf me. Death pursues me. I would like to sleep without dreams. This is Moongirl signing off.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mother Mary MacKillop

In my last year of high school I performed a solo narration on the life of Mother Mary MacKillop at an area schools concert. I did not know then that many years later Mother Mary MacKillop would be ordained a saint. I don't know if she was a saint, but she certainly did a lot of charitable work for the poor in educating their children. She fought valiantly for her cause and deserves to be honoured, perhaps this is the way? I created a portrait to honour her. This is Moongirl signing off.

Dead End Street

It happens at the darkest times in your life. You suddenly find yourself walking down a dark alley. Menacing shadows reach out to grab you. Fear consumes your every move. But still there is a little bright light to show you the way. Keep concentrating on the light and the shadows will fade away. This is Moongirl signing off.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Family day at the beach 11-9-10

When things get tough Moonboy, Moongirl and Moondog head off to the beach. Breathe in the fresh sea air, walk on the soft white sand and wade in the crystal water. This is Moongirl signing off.

noboobsaboutit website cites figures - My reply - I am not doing well!

I recently sent a personal invitation to a lady from the "NO BOOBS ABOUT IT" website (a site for women suffering from breast cancer) to become a member of my website "Shades of Grey" (which is open to all people suffering from all types of cancer and chronic illness). The lady advised that her site could not be aligned with mine because her site was for breast cancer only.

In the first part I was not asking for any alignment between the two sites, I was merely extending a personal invitation to the lady herself to join my site as a member, however, I accepted this as a reasonable reply to my invitation.

On the other hand, she then also cited percentages of the frequency of breast cancer opposed to other cancers as the reason for not becoming a member of my site. To this point I take issue. I constantly see the flood of empathy for women suffering from breast cancer with other cancer sufferers receiving much less empathy. I do have empathy for women suffering from breast cancer and I do have empathy for other people suffering from the many other types of cancers. I do not distinguish between cancer sufferers. I do not cite percentages of frequency, citing one cancer to be of more peril or of more importance than another.

The lady also commented that she was happy to hear I was doing well. For the record dear lady, I am not doing well. I suffer from extreme excruciating pain associated with radiation damage to my abdomen, bowel and rectum. The teeth in my mouth are rotting because of dry mouth syndrome caused by radiation treatment. I cannot walk because the broken bones in my feet will not heal due to deficiencies caused by the radiation treatment. I take high dosage pain medicine daily to enable me to go to work every day because that is the only way I can pay for my expensive medicines. I suffer from severe depression with the knowledge that cancer cells may appear elsewhere in my body any day. My regular tests and checkups at the Cancer Clinic are constant reminders that I am still a high risk of dying from cancer. I fight off thoughts of suicide daily because the pain gets so bad I don't think I can bear it any longer. As I said, I am not doing well, but every day I get out of my bed and I do the absolute best that I can in the circumstances, because my loved ones depend on me, and because I know that I can help other sufferers in the world. I created my website "Shades of Grey" http:/ to help as many people as I can who have been diagnosed with cancer, who suffer extreme pain daily, who fight depression and who fight thoughts of suicide. So, for the record dear lady from the website "NOBOOBSABOUTIT", the incidence of breast cancer as quoted by you, may be more frequent than endometrial cancer, but the far reaching after effects for endometrial cancer and the consequent damage by radiation treatment to internal organs are no less than that of a person suffering from breast cancer. I have many friends who have and who are still suffering from breast cancer and yes I do empathise with them, BUT, I would never cite percentages or trivialise another person's fight with cancer.

I hope your site continues to help those suffering from breast cancer. I just hope that people such as yourself become more aware of the plights of other cancer sufferers in this world whose suffering is no less prolific or less important than that of breast cancer sufferers.

Yes, NOBOOBSABOUTIT website, I was upset by your words in your recent email to me, but I feel much better now that I have been able to share these insights with you. This is Moongirl signing off.

Book of my life

The Pages of my book flicker past my eyes, days melting into weeks, weeks into months and volumes of years into a lifetime. This is Moongirl signing off. xxx

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Open the mind

Oh how I wish that more people would open their minds so that they can see other perspectives, other options, other possibilities, if only they would open their minds. This is Moongirl signing off. xxx

Moonmum is now 80 years old

Moonmum is now 80 years old. See her photo at right of page. She received a letter from the local Federal Member for Parliament today congratulating her on her 80th birthday. Happy birthday Mum :)))) xxxx Moongirl

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Dry Food Idea

Diagnosed with dry throat and dry mouth syndromes as a consequence of radiation therapy, Moongirl decided she could be marketed as a new dry food source. See photograph at right..... Moongirl on skewer

Monday, September 6, 2010


Take away my feet and I will crawl. Take away my sight and I will learn braille. Take away my hearing and I will learn to love the silence. Take away my speech and I will use sign language. Take away my friends and I will make new friends. Take away those I love and I am lost. This is Moongirl signing off.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I changed into another person when I was told I had cancer.

I changed into another person when I was told I had cancer. It was like someone had reached deep inside of my body and pulled out everything, everything that had made me who I was. They left nothing inside of me, except for the numb minimal consciousness that let me know I was somehow still alive. After several years I am still alive. I still suffer though from permanent radiation damage and deep psychological scars. The dreadful pain is a constant reminder that I am still alive. There is one thing I miss more than anything else from my pre-cancer days and that is the wonderful, now elusive, feeling of JOY!. Oh how I wish I could feel Joy again. This is Moongirl signing off.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Power City Comic Strip 3

See latest Power City Comic Strip at (c) D & P Kerr (Posse Dog Productions) 2010.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Australian Federal Elections - Pencil on paper - and Erasers? Who's cheating?

I am astounded that someone hasn't taken issue with the fact that the polling booths in South Australia and perhaps Australia-wide only had pencils to use in the recent Federal Election. How many organisers or handlers could have used erasers to change votes? This surely is not RIGHT?????? I'll be taking my own ink pen next time I vote. And you can be downright certain I will be voting. This is Moongirl signing off.

S.A. Govt. & S.A. Water found out once again - Huge Debt Rising!

Why am I not surprised? They keep doing it and keep getting away with it. Now we have another State Bank fiasco on our hands thanks to a Labour Government. How many decades will it take to pay back this latest debt caused by the inept handling of the Desal Plant Project? I couldn't give a flick who Mike Rann sleeps with but I do care about this state falling into enormous debt. God help us. Do not let Labour win back the Federal Government seats and plunge our country into even heavier debt. Labour has proven time and again that they cannot budget, they cannot organise projects for the betterment of this country, economically or practically, and finally they cannot stay honest with the people of this country. The State Labour Government denied problems with the Desal Plant earlier and now they've been found out. They are liars. I'm not entirely impressed with the Coalition either, whatever comes out of this farce of an election, I hope and pray that we finally have someone voting for the good of this country without putting us into further debt. This is Moongirl signing off.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Selfishness is the evil that will kill this world. Spend some time helping someone who needs help and your day will be a lot happier. This is Moongirl signing off.

A little poem

Always remember
through happiness and woe
that love surrounds you
though it may not always show

"POWER CITY" NEW COMIC STRIP-2nd Installment (c) D&P Kerr 28-8-10

See the second installment of this Comic Strip Book to the right hand section of this blog.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Benjamin 13. y.o. - Living in a wheelchair

Benjamin is 13 years of age. He lives in a wheelchair. He is unable to speak. His muscles will not allow him to do the things other children his age are able to do. His bones are fragile and break easily. With all of these handicaps, Benjamin still manages to smile when my Moonman, picks him up in his Cab and takes him to school each day. Benjamin smiles and sways in his chair to the music played by Moonman. Can we ever ever do enough to help these children in wheelchairs have a better life?????? Moongirl and Moonman are trying their best to do their bit to help these beautiful children. This is Moongirl signing off.

Power City - New Comic Strip - (c) D&P Kerr Posse Dog Productions 28-8-10

See latest Power City Comic Strip at (c) D & P Kerr (Posse Dog Productions) 2010. created by David and Paula Kerr (Posse Dog Productions)-
You can see the very first page of this new Comic Strip in the photo sections at right of this blog.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Forgive me if I am a little shell shocked. The past week had a smelly nose and a giant pair of ears vying for the top job in this country. It all ended with a hung parliament, well so it seems whilst the vote counting continues. I read somewhere we ended up with some mixed nuts, a bloodnut, a wingnut and a gum nut. We are also left with a few independents who are now being wooed by the nose and the ears. Let us hope that these are THREE WISE MEN who will stand by their positions as independents.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Elusive happiness

Good grief I received a giant sized wallop in the face today. I had slipped into that fantasy world where people believe they need others to make them happy. The truth is it is always others that make me unhappy. When will I learn to keep to myself. Just shutup and keep to myself. I have no rights. I have no opinions. I am nothing. I am nothing. I am nothing. I am nothing. I am nothing. I am nothing. Cut the throat and get it over with. This is Moongirl signing off.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Too bad about the Libs and Labs

Too much blah blah blah and not enough listening to the people. This is why the population has turned away from the Libs and Labs in droves. The Greens aren't any better. By a stroke of luck I found someone today who speaks for the people and not for a party they are representing. Good grief I feel so much better now. Julia and Tony you had your chance but I'm afraid you've blown it with me. One of you might get in, but it won't be with my help. This is Moongirl signing off.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quote for the day!

Saw this quote this morning on "Paula's Website - Shades of Grey"
Do you not know that tonight, when the clock strikes midnight, all the evil things in the world will have full sway?
Bram Stoker
Seemed to be fitting words for the coming Federal Election tomorrow. Voila! This is Moongirl signing off.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Road Demon is back!

That dastardly demon sped past me yesterday in a hail of exhaust smoke as he drove his white station wagon like a bullet aimed at anything getting in his way. His white pearly teeth glistened as he shot me a surly smug grin with his crooked evil face. He was younger this time, perhaps only in his teens, but I knew it was him by the reckless way he drove his weapon of a vehicle. I tried to read his registration plate, but he was too quick. My heart was pounding as it always does. I thought he had disappeared forever, but then there he was again just letting me know, he had no plans of leaving me in peace. Gosh darn you Road Demon. This is Moongirl signing off.

They look at me but they don't see me

It's as though I'm walking around in a bubble and the world only sees me as a blurred figure that disappears as quickly as it appears. I speak to some, but I know that they only hear what they want to hear. What would be the point of telling them anything? It would make no difference and in any case it doesn't matter any more. This is Moongirl signing off.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Moongirl Walks

Moongirl discovered today that sometimes when you find you can't walk, it might just be that you need to try another pair of shoes. Moongirl walked today with a new perspective and different shoes. What shoes will you wear tomorrow? This is Moongirl signing off.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Moongirl to Vote - New Prime Minister of Australia -

Moongirl will be voting in our Federal Election next Saturday. There are two main candidates, Julia Gillard (Labour Party)and Tony Abbott (Coalition Liberal). Julia Gillard has a suspiciously incredulous likeness to Pinnochio in that her nose grows every time she answers a question. Then we have Tony Abbott, who himself stated that he intends to say as little as possible throughout his campaign. Tony attends the debates with a smug grin on a face that is overshadowed by the biggest pair of ears I have seen since "Jumbo" the elephant. And like Jumbo, as you know Elephants never lie, Tony Abbott will tell no lies. Do you know why? Because he stated at the outset that he intends to say as little as possible. Now how can he lie if he says nothing? Someone must make a new cartoon strip out of these two characters, for surely neither of them is real? In any case Moongirl already knows who she will vote for next Saturday. Moongirl is voting for her dog Moondog. He is the smartest, most honest and caring male in this world. Enough said. This is Moongirl signing off.

Moondog goes for a swim

This morning I took Moondog for a swim at his favourite beach. He has a sore on his leg so I thought the best medicine is salt water. He loved it, even though it was freezing cold. He went for 3 swims and ran his little legs off up and down the beach. I love that little guy so much. This is Moongirl signing off.

New Washing Machine

I've just completed my first wash in my new washing machine. 9.5kg, it is a biggy. Yay!! I've been doing my washing by hand for the past few months. Talk about living in the dark ages. Well, this morning I made up some cookie dough for a new batch of Moondog's cookies. He loves them and I know that they are filled with goodness because I made them myself. I make everything for Moondog now and he is much healthier for it too. The world should unite and stop buying the untested pet foods that are on our supermarket shelves. Well I'm going to have a cup of tea now, (Earl Grey). This is Moongirl signing off.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Paula Kerr Fine Art Website - Worth a Look

Art Prints

Harvey Norman - Not Impressed

I went to the local Harvey Norman store today to buy a washing machine. The only two staff in the section, females, were on the phone, so I stood around bobbing my head up and down to see if I could see someone there to help me. Finally one of the girls got off the phone, completely ignored me and walked off. The other one "Donna" eventually got off the phone and asked if I wanted help. She told me she could help me and then told me to follow her to the cashier. I use a walking cane to walk and am not very steady on my feet, but Donna galloped ahead of me a good 50 metres. When I finally got to the cashier, Donna handed me over to the cashier. The cashier gave me a blank stare and limited conversation. She told me my husband had to sign the form. That was okay, I could organise that, but I asked the cashier if she could tell the assistant I had spoken to over the phone the previous day "Michael" that I would be back in the next day to pay. The cashier told me "You'll have to tell Donna to pass the message on for you." I looked at the long walk back to Donna, then down at my two broken feet and walking cane and explained that would be difficult for me. The cashier gave me a blank stare, so I started to walk back to Donna. The cashier then picked up her phone trying to contact Donna, but was unsuccessful, she eventually told me she would pass on the message. So very upset when I left the store. Sorry about this, but I just had to get it off my chest. Oh by the way had an awful visit at the Cancer Clinic yesterday too. It's just not my week I guess. This is Moongirl signing off.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Life goes on - Perspectives

Hello, today is freezing cold again. I sure do wish Spring would arrive. My darling companion Moondog is now looking much better, but I'm keeping a close eye on him. It's strange when I communicate with the outside world. Their perspectives are so very different to mine. They worry about what they are going to wear out to their next social function. They worry about what people think about them. For me it is all a case of "hey what difference does it really make what you wear or what others think about you, in the great scheme of things". Just living and breathing and loving is enough for me. I don't need all of those other frivolous distractions. Take me as I am or leave me alone. This is Moongirl signing off.

Friday, August 6, 2010

My canine BF and how I love him

I know a lot of people don't understand the overwhelming love one may have for one's pets. My beloved dog Posse nearly died this past week. He couldn't walk and couldn't eat. I held him in my arms every night quietly stroking him and telling him "mummy is here". I promised God that I would be good in every way and if that wasn't enough then HE could take me instead of Posse. My beloved Posse the one true reason that I am still alive. The one creature that is there for me throughout all of my trials day and night. There to give me comfort to assure me that he will never leave me. My one true loyal friend in this world. How could I live without him. The truth is I couldn't live without him. I was ready to turn on the gas and end it all with my beloved dog in my arms. As it turned out Posse was a little better the next day and after some medicine from the doctor he was starting to look comparatively good again. I will live on this day....until next time. Moongirl signing off.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Life and Death - So little distance

I've been fighting to stay alive the past few days. I've also been fighting to keep my best buddy and dog, Moondog alive. I made the decision if he didn't make it, then I didn't want to be in this world either. I have never prayed so much in all of my life. I was praying for a miracle. I was praying that my dearly loved best canine friend would stay alive. I don't know yet if there has been a miracle. He is looking better, but he has already had two relapses, so I can't be sure. I will keep praying. As long as he is alive, then so am I. This is Moongirl signing off xxx

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Moondog Poss

My bestest buddy, Moondog has been very ill this weekend. I wish I could take his illness and suffer it for him. I hope he is better tomorrow. I feel so helpless when he is ill. Get better quickly my little buddy. I love you. Moongirl signing off xxx

Saturday, July 31, 2010

I will not vote for either Liberal or Labour unless

I will not vote for either the Liberal Party or the Labour Party unless they provide reasonable solutions for our water problems, they provide assurance that our agricultural land will not be sold offshore, all imported foods are tested reliably and proof provided that they are safe to eat. I will vote for the party I feel will address all of these pertinent issues the best. Moongirl signing off.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Pain - On the High Chair

Here I am again sitting up on a high chair in the middle of the office surrounded by strangers. My broken right foot hurts real bad, feels like it is trying to tear itself off my leg. I can't sit from the pain in my lower back and I can't stand because both of my feet are broken. The pain is so intense I want to scream, but I can't, can't draw attention to myself, so I suffer in silence. I feel dizzy, think I'm about to faint, so I drop another butter menthol into my mouth, hoping the sugar will give me a boost. Some days are like this, nothing can help me. Later in the day, after running errands, I'm finally home. Put on the electric blanket and climb into bed. Hope tomorrow is better. Moongirl signing off. xxx

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Top Secret-In collaboration, creating a new comic book hero

Yes it is true. I am in collaboration with my Na'vi partner to create a new comic book hero. I will keep you posted on the progress. Looks to be a real winner. Moongirl signing off xxx

Moongirl - In Hindsight - Kindness from strangers

The sun has shone this week, but still it has been bitterly cold at night. I sit atop my high stool at work in the midst of many, but still yet alone. Strangers surround me. Eyes watch me. Peripheral vision used by me to watch others without them seeing me watching them. A kindness in amidst it all. Thank you Debbie. Moongirl signing out xxx

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Moongirl - In Hindsight - The Power of Government

We have a Federal Election this month. I am very worried as I can see that so many people are going to vote for the wrong reasons. All of the talk by the opposing political parties has centred around immigration and taxes. My main concerns are for our environment, for a clean Australia, for safe and healthy home grown food, to try to slow the greenhouse effect, to do everything in our power to promote and to keep our earth safe. I know most people will vote for a leader or their party based on their personality or how they speak in debates. None of the contenders have spoken about the things I am most concerned about. It is a worrying time for me. Moongirl signing out. xxx

Monday, July 26, 2010

Moongirl-In Hindsight - Full Moon

The moon was so bright last night I could see into the back yard as if it was daylight. There wasn't any movement or sound. All of the night creatures must have been asleep. I couldn't sleep for some reason and so I did some work on the computer. The time moves so quickly when I'm working on the computer and before I know it, the sun is rising. Another warm lovely day today. It is good to be alive. Remembering Margaret, may she rest in peace. Moongirl signing off.

Dying of Cancer

Margaret passed away last Saturday 24/7/10 after a long battle with lung cancer. May God bless you and keep you Margaret. xxx

Friday, July 23, 2010

Moongirl-In Hindsight - The Weigh Station

I've been in a different place for some time now. I don't see the world as others see it. Today I live in a dimension between my past and my future. The world of the past goes on living, while I watch from my new existence in a dimension all alone. I can't touch anyone in the old dimension and they can't touch me. I can see them through a blur and I can hear them in an echo, but that is all. I feel like I am in a weigh station, a place you go and wait to be collected before you die.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Moongirl-In Hindsight - Nick Cave leads a mens' self-help group

Yes you've heard it here first. Nick Cave, author, musician,singer, songwriter, movie maker was the leader in a mens' self-help group last night. Well, the truth is I had a dream last night in which Nick Cave was running a self-help group for men in the city. I was there with my husband who I obviously feel needs help otherwise I wouldn't have dreamed it. Why Nick Cave? I don't know why I dreamed Nick Cave as the leader. I do have eminently high regard for this man and his accomplishments, after all he is an extremely remarkable man. Saw his last concert here....WOW!!!! I was recovering from radiation treatment and didn't think I would make it, but I got there and was so happy and glad that I did go. It was the best concert I'd ever been to. Maybe Nick has been contemplating organising a mens' self-help group? Who knows? Signing off, this is Moongirl-In Hindsight.

Moongirl - In Hindsight - Filling the gaps in life.

Life is filled with gaps. Have you ever noticed? It's one of those moments you sit on your couch at home staring at the blank black screen of a television set, wondering what you should do next. It's when you're sitting stationary in your car at a red light waiting for it to turn green. The gaps are everywhere. I always try to fill those gaps with actions of some sort, or at least by thinking about something productive, or pondering on ideas of susbtance that will make a difference in my life or someone else's life. Think about the gaps in other people's lives. Think about the gaps in the lives of children and people confined to wheelchairs who rely on others to help fill their gaps. I wish I could give my legs to one of those children. God bless all the children in wheelchairs.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Moongirl - In Hindsight - The Road Demon

This really happened the other day. My friend stopped at a red light and the car behind him ran into his vehicle's rear. My friend got out to inspect his car and found that there was very minimal damage. He told the other guy to drive his car around the corner, where it was safer, so that they could exchange details. Just as my friend stopped for the second time, around the corner, this guy runs into the rear of his vehicle again! This time, he pretty much wrote off the entire back end of my friend's car and smashed in the front end of his own car. My friend was amazed when the other driver did a runner and so my friend gave chase. The other driver drove through a red light in the chase and then drove over the median strip and was driving down the wrong side of the road the last my friend saw him. The police have since caught the guy. Get this......he was a taxi driver...not anymore though....lost his licence...and was heavily fined.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Moongirl in Hindsight-17-7-10 - Road Rage vs Road Demon

Now before I commence this next blog, it must be stated that I in no way condone any kind of violence, violent behaviour, anti-social or aggressive behaviour or road rage. If you have been reading my previous entries you will be slightly familiar and acquainted with the devious, villainous, deranged and diabolical "Road Demon" who watches my every move, who follows me, who taunts me to distraction and who is without question trying to kill me. On this particular day I was driving quite leisurely along a seaside road, the wind in my hair, an angelic halo shining above my head and the peace and calm of a silent motionless sea enhancing my psyche. Out of nowhere he came up behind me, revving his engine, making obscene gestures at me through my rearview mirror. He quickly advanced, overtaking me, and as he passed, in a flurry of anger, he raised the proverbial middle finger to show his distaste of my carefree, calm existence. Now, being the non-violent pacifist that I am, I could have easily ignored this ultra-selfabsorbed-manic-executioner of all things good, but something took hold of me, something...some other being from deep inside of me, an angry, vengeful being that said I must take my revenge. Without stopping to think about consequences, without stopping to let my logical common sense take control, I planted my vengeful foot on a flattened accelerator. I took my position, nudging the back bumper bar of the Road Demon, he could not escape, at every corner at every intersection, I was there right on his tail, glaring at him through his rearview mirror. I could see his eyes widen. I could see that no one had ever reacted to his bad road manners before. I was the first and hopefully the last. He would learn a lesson today. He would learn that it is not polite to give the finger to someone who is at peace with life and all things living. He would learn it is indeed dangerous to awaken a gentle soul from a peaceful slumber. He turned quickly into a driveway and disappeared behind tall trees and an even taller fence. I parked by the kerb across the road, seething, anger filling my veins, my brain, and watched as his head bobbed up over the top of the fence, slightly hidden between trees to see if I was still there. I decided to sit there for a while and make him feel the pain he had caused me. I would never ever do that again. I would never again let my anger escape like that. After all I am a peace loving gentle creature with no wish to harm anyone. Will the Road Demon continue to taunt me? We shall see....we shall see.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Moongirl - In Hindsight - The Road Demon 13-7-10

After a brief holiday, the road demon returned yesterday to haunt and taunt me on the road. He was driving a big red truck this time, so tall, so long and so wide that I could not see over, around or through it. It blinded me to the point that I found myself sitting out in the middle of a busy highway with angry traffic swerving to miss me. My heart was pumping wildly and my inept capacity to deal with this latest attack left me vulnerable in the extreme. Gosh darn you Road Demon.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Moongirl - In Hindsight - A maniacal driver is trying to kill me!

What can I say? He wasn't there today. I looked everywhere. Has he gone? Forever? Not even a hint of that maniacal driver could be seen. But that's his modus operandi. He disappears and then suddenly appears out of nowhere, dive bombs me in a new car, scaring the jelly jiving life out of me. Still I'm grateful for days like this, days when I can lay back like a banana lounge and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Moongirl - In Hindsight 27-6-10

The white car has been parked several houses down the street for the past few weeks. He sits there for hours staring down the street at my house. He leaves fast food wrappers in the street’s gutters after he leaves. I don’t know which aggravates me more, that he is spying on me or that he is a slovenly pig. He makes me angry. I can’t settle down and relax at home whilst I know he is out there watching. Is he stalking me? Is he planning to attack me?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Moongirl - In Hindsight - 26-6-10

When I woke this morning at about 1.30am, there was a deathly silence echoing in my ears. Posse, my dog, had retreated to the ensuite bathroom. I found him trying to blend in with the black and white floor tiles in the corner of the room. It was like looking at one of those magic pictures with all the dots. At first you only see dots, but after squinting you see the actual picture in the dots. I squinted and there he was, Posse, hidden in the dots. That’s where he went when a thunder storm was on the way. They terrified him. I checked through the bedroom window and spotted a distant flash of lighting. He always knew long before me that a storm was coming.

Later this morning Posse stayed safely hidden in the black and white maze of the checkered ensuite bathroom floor, whilst I went about my housework. It was one of those quiet mornings, that is, except for the occasional crack of lightning and the distant roar of thunder. ....
I could see the familiar white car parked further down the street, the car with the man who sat watching me, day in and day out. The usual fast food wrappers lay clogging up the gutters beside his car, which indicated to me, he had been there all night. He had been watching me all night. That infuriated me. I wanted him to go. I wanted him dead.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Moongirl - In Hindsight - 25-6-10

He's devilishly smart and clever. He sneaks up on me when I least expect it. Today my eyes were peeled like crisp Fuji apples as I drove along the familiar roads, headed for home. My mind was clear, my objective simple, avoid my arch enemy (THE ROAD DEMON) at all costs. A black demon car with "P" plates overtook me on a bend. I thought it was him. My hands straddled the steering wheel as I prepared for his next move. I was almost disappointed when nothing happened. Suddenly a red car in front of the black "P" plater started swaying across the road, like a drunken sailor, back and forth, back and forth. Was it him? I couldn't see well enough, the black car was in the way. He's playing games with me, I thought to myself as the nerves in my face twitched in tune to the hum of my engine. I must not become complacent. He is out there somewhere, watching and waiting. Till next time I bid you "eyb dooG".

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Moongirl - In Hindsight - 24-6-10

I was waiting at a red light this afternoon. The light turned green so I shifted gear into first, then I gently pressed the accelerator and started to move forward. Then suddenly he was right there in front of me again. Furiously spinning that steering wheel and turning his car across the lane in front of me. I could see by the look in his eyes he knew I had right of way, but he ignored me as though I was a bug being squashed on his windscreen. It's the first time I've gotten a good look at him. He was a big bullish man, with a big head. He was driving a White Ford Sedan today. How the heck can I avoid him when he keeps changing cars. In hindsight I thought maybe I should have slammed right into him, made him pay for doing the wrong thing. But as usual I left the scene with a gaping mouth void of words and eyeballs glazed in shock.

Moongirl - In Hindsight - 23-6-10

This afternoon, he was driving a dark coloured 4 wheel drive. He indicated left and pulled over to the curb. Then just as I was about to pass him, he suddenly, without any warning, sped back out in front of me, feverishly spinning his steering wheel and completing a U-turn two cat's whiskers in front of my car.

In hindsight, I suppose I could have followed him, given chase, abused him, become a road rager, but instead I drove on with an open mouth void of words and eyes widened in shock. I knew he would return. The next time it will be a different car, but I'll know it's him by his wild and reckless driving.