Moongirlpaula (I'm a Na'vi native)

Moongirlpaula (I'm a Na'vi native)
I'm a bit different from other people

Saturday, May 21, 2011

le vent est très fort aujourd'hui. Les feuilles courir follement dans les cercles comme si vous jouiez. Je suis une feuille flottant dans le vent et j'attends mon destin

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Return of the road demon

After such a lengthy absence I suppose you could say I had disposed of all memories of the road demon. To me he was a distant far reaching illusion lost in time and space. I suppose that is why his sudden reappearance startled me. Like a deer standing in the middle of a quiet country road, eyes transfixed on two bright overpowering headlights bearing down on it at a furious pace. The deer is hypnotized, unable to move. The road demon roars with confidence blaring the horn of his heavy transport vehicle, gunning his engine with a deafening metal cacophony. I his victim blinded by this unexpected brutal attack. With a calmness new to me I watched the line of his truck's bonnet in my rear view mirror. It was gigantic, a menacing metal structure that threatened death by torture. The light turned green and with this new aura of peaceful refrain I gently pressed my accelerator and drove through the intersection. His heavy breath poured over my small encountenance with more threats of total annihilation but I was not to be his victim. Not This time. Perhaps never again. Had I finally won? Only time would tell. This is Moongirl signing off. Xxx

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Watching the world go by

Hello friends of Moongirl - I have been forced to sit down and rest for a while. It has been a hectic time over the past 4-5 months. Setting up the Painting with a Purpose Charity Art exhibition took up a lot of my time and energy. I'm pleased to say that we raised approximately $4,000 for the Little Heroes Foundation to benefit kids with cancer. God bless all the little children - This is Moongirl signing off.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Still no computer -

Hello fellow bloggers I still have not been able to get my computer fixed - the launch of the charity art exhibition Painting with a Purpose was wonderful - we sold 11 artworks on the night and so far have sold 24 to date - we close the exhibition this coming Thursday and plan to have a big bargain sellout on the last day - We were fortunate to have a story and photos printed in our big newspaper The Advertiser here in Adelaide - I have been very busy over the past 5 months organising the exhibition - we also had many visitors to my town for the launch - all Paintings-I-Love website members and artists who met offline for the very first time - Amazing experience - everyone was easily recognizable from the many photos on their facebook pages - I was proud to be a part of it all - All monies raised from this event go
to Little Heroes Foundation to benefit children with cancer and other serious illnesses.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Computer crashed back in October 2010

Hello the moongirl has returned - moongirl's computer had a breakdown and is in a coma at the moment - I can't afford to fix him at the moment so he will have to remain in his coma until I can afford. Hope all moongirl friends had a joyful Xmas and wish you all the best for the new year - am using my new iPhone as a stand in computer for my Internet communications .

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Three artworks donated to "Painting for a Purpose" Charity Art Exhibition

I have now donated 3 artworks from my Copper and Bead collection for the "Painting for a Purpose" Charity Art Exbibition taking place 4th February, 2011 at the Chambers Gallery, City of Marion Council, 245 Sturt Road, Sturt South Australia. The launch is between 6pm-9pm. Supporting "Little Heroes Foundation" benefiting children with cancer and other serious illnesses. Click on photograph at right to see collection.

Children playing in fountain at Glenelg Square South Australia

Hello, I took these photographs of children playing in a fountain at Glenelg Square, South Australia this afternoon 6-11-10. I asked their mother's permission first. You can now see the photographs if you click on the photo at right. The scenes are filled with the joy that only children can know. Something new, something fun, something exciting. Thank you Nazia for allowing me to photograph your children. This is Moongirl signing off. xxx

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Portraits of the Moongirls

I have decided to do portraits of the Moongirls. See the first one at right. Moongirl Kerry. This is Moongirl signing off. xxx

Friday, October 29, 2010

Little Heroes - Moongirls are GO!

Moongirl can now say that the Moongirls are now in discussion with "Little Heroes" the charity group working for kids with cancer and other illnesses. The Charity Art Exhibition "Painting for a Purpose" is now solidly progressing, with PIL members attending Adelaide South Australia 4th February, 2011 for the big event, 60+ paintings from all over the world, great venue, support charity, sponsors, entertainment. It is all happening. Well done Moongirls. You are all special in your own unique ways. Moongirls are GO!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Moongirls - Individually Designed Tribal Necklaces

Moongirl has designed individual tribal necklaces for the new honourary moongirls. They are now well on their way to becoming full moongirls. Congratulations to MoongirlCharleen, MoongirlMargaret, MoongirlJules and MoongirlKerry. See tribal necklaces in link at right of this blog. This is Moongirl signing off.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Moongirls are doin' it for the kids

In amongst the clamour of cars bumper to bumper on highways, people walking shoulder to shoulder in the streets and a world filled with some good and some horrors, we find the children, the beautiful children of this world. The Moongirls are working to help some of these children. They are currently fighting to acquire funds to help Kids with Cancer. They fight the GOOD fight and will not lay down their hope, their striving, their positive goals until the deed is done. "Painting for a Purpose" Charity Art Exhibition 4th February, 2011, The Chambers Gallery, City of Marion Council South Australia. Moongirls are doin' it for the kids. This is Moongirl signing off.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


All of the wonderful Moonpeople, including, MoongirlCharleen, MoongirlJules, MoongirlMargaret, MoongirlKerry and MoongirlPaula have been working very hard to bring this hugely wonderful event together. The list of artists and artworks have grown to a very healthy number. The event promises to be one that people will remember for a very long time. And most importantly the proceeds are being donated to all of the beautiful children suffering from cancer. Moongirl's heart is bursting. See the link and photo at right of this page. This is Moongirl signing off xxx

Saturday, October 23, 2010

"The Scout" Artwork by Paula Kerr

Moongirl has decided to donate her favourite copper and bead artwork "The Scout" to the "Painting for a Purpose" Charity Art Exhibition. See photo at right. This is Moongirl signing off.

Friday, October 22, 2010

PIL Escape Club - "Paintings for a Purpose" Charity Art Exhibition

PIL Escape Club are working magic organising the first ever meeting of PIL (Paintings I Love) artists from all over the world. Currently there are in excess of 40 paintings donated by artists from all over the world being exhibited in the Charity Art Exhibition "Paintings for a Purpose" to take place 4th February to 17th February, 2011 at the Chambers Gallery, City of Marion in South Australia. Proceeds from sales are being donated to a charity that helps kids with cancer. More information on the charity will be announced soon, once registration papers are completed. My heart swells with pride to be involved in this amazing event. This is Moongirl signing off. xxx

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Josh - Wheelchair wonder

Josh is an extraordinarily intelligent, funny and talented young boy who lives in a wheel chair. He suffers terrible pains in his bones and joints from his illness, but rarely complains. Moonboy drives Josh to school every day and enjoys all of the wonderful exchanges he has with Josh, who entertains Moonboy with his singing and his insightful questions and comments. Josh changed Moongirl and Moonboy's lives in such a positive way. There is not a day passes that Moongirl doesn't ask Moonboy how Josh was for the day. I think Josh is an angel on wheels. This is moongirl signing off. xxx

The Man with Two Brains

Moongirl has copies of nearly all of Steve Martin's movies. My most favourite movie is the Man with Two Brains. The Quote "He wrote 'In Dillman's Grove' and 'Pointy Birds.' O pointy birds, o pointy pointy, anoint my head, anointy-nointy." Moonboy and Moongirl have quoted this poem on numerous occasions since seeing the movie. There seems to be so many instances where it fits into normal everyday occurrences. Another quote from the beginning of the movie always has us in stitches, ( laughing that is).
Little girl, "Sounds like a subdural hematoma to me. "
Dr H "Oh, it does, does it? Well, it's not your job to diagnose.
Little Girl: "But I thought..."
Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr: You thought, you thought. Just go. Three years of nursery school and you think you know it all. Well, you're still wet behind the ears. It's not a subdural hematoma. It's *epidural*. Ha."
This man is so very funny, I read somewhere once that the audience of one of his shows followed him out to the carpark at the end of his show and he continued the show from there. Don't know if it is true, but I hope so. What a very funny man he is. This is Moongirl signing off. x

Moongirl may get wheels

Moongirl has seriously been considering joining the wheelchair brigade. Walking is becoming an extremely difficult task and having a wheelchair to get around at the forthcoming PIL Escape Club event would make things much easier for the Moongirl. Mmmm. Whilst ordinarily it is viewed a handicap to be seen in a wheelchair, I see it as an added skill and talent to be able to drive a wheel chair. It also has its many benefits. I hope though that more venues throughout the world will make better accommodation for the Wheelchair brigade in their cinemas, theatres and concerts. The Wheelchair brigade are people too you know? This is Moongirl signing off x

Sunday, October 10, 2010

PIL Escape Club - Charity Art Auction - Article published in local newspaper

My article about the PIL Escape Club Charity Art Auction was published in the Southern Times Messenger Newspaper today. Click on the photo of the Glenelg Town Hall at right to read article.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Still here

Moongirl has been off line quite a bit lately due to illness. Summer is nearly here. The sun shines and the days are warm. This is Moongirl signing off x

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Artists Unite in Australia

The very first meeting of PIL ("Paintings I Love") artists will take place in Adelaide Australia 4th February 2011. A charity auction of artworks is also happening and the proceeds of the auction will go to Camp Quality, an organisation that raises funds to help children with cancer. I am honoured to be a part of this event and I am so very grateful to the organisers who made it possible for me to attend by having the event in my hometown. See the link at right which will take you to the PIL Escape site on Facebook. This is Moongirl signing off.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Inger from Sweden?

Hello, this is Inger from Sweden. No, no, no. I make a joke. This is me. It is Moongirl. Today is Australian Football Grand Final day. Moonboy is watching the game on the television. I took Moondog to the beach earlier today (photo at right). He had a good swim and a bath when he got home. Time for me to relax now. Good cheer to everyone. This is Moongirl signing off.

Australia/New Zealand PIL Artists Event

I belong to an international on-line art group called PIL i.e. "Paintings I Love" and as of the past 48 hours, a small group of Australian artists has been organising an event to bring all of the Australia/New Zealand PIL artists together on a grand scale social event in Jan-Feb 2011. It may all take place in my home town of Adelaide. Very exciting. Click on the "Alternative Madonna" pic at right to go to PIL artsite. This is Moongirl signing off.

Can you fly?

I have had dreams when I can fly. It is an amazing experience. I am usually in some kind of danger, but I use my power to fly to escape the danger. This is Moongirl signing off x

Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Office for Moongirl

After many many years of working at the same office location, I have now moved to a new location. Today I added some of my possessions to my new office, a photograph of Moonboy and one of Moondog has been placed on the windowsill next to my desk. I now have beautiful big windows to let the sun shine in on me. My computer equipment has not arrived yet, so the desk is only covered with boxes and other paraphernalia at the moment. A new era for Moongirl. This is Moongirl signing off.

Violence in our streets

The escalating violence in our streets has become of great concern to me in recent times. I was very sad to see a mascot named Terry the Termite, who dances and performs to the traffic every morning, now has a body guard beside him. I do not know what happened. I presume that someone must have attacked Terry. Terry brings so much joy to motorists every morning with his dancing and joy. I am very sad for him and for our society in these violent times. This is Moongirl signing off.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Winter's Malice - Poetry and Artwork by Paula Kerr

Winter's Malice (c) Paula Kerr 2009

And winter's malice
left a stain
she could not wash
from her soiled face

Lele - my dear friend

Lele is one of my best friends. She has also starred in several of my movies. Lele grew up in Los Angeles USA but now resides in Australia. She is a very friendly and social girl. I painted her portrait some time ago your can see it in the photo section at right. This is Moongirl signing off.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Where Lilacs Bloom - Original poetry by Paula Kerr (c) Paula Kerr 2010

Her tainted spirit dragged through the gravel
leaving a deep gouging scar along the tortured road
of her battle stricken life

A bead of perspiration escaped
from the desert that was her face
It fell to a place beneath her feet, a silent explosion

The rod across her back
weighed heavy, bones cracked, sad sighs echoed
and stifled breath laboured

The crow, black feathers, evil eyes
followed the trail of her thoughts, words
that bled into the sad ballad of wind

A stranger sat on the side of the road
fighting off and swatting flies that stuck to his skin
and sucked his blood

From beneath the dusty brim of his hat
his eyes, dark portholes from hell, peered at the approaching
blur of his long awaited guest

A sudden gust of wind and smothering red sand
filled his lungs, eyes shut tight
and then the subtle sweet smell of lilacs

He stood and patted off the sand from his clothes
without even a thought of looking down at that place
in the road, where lilacs bloom

****Francais version ****

Son esprit contaminé traîné dans le gravier
laissant une cicatrice profonde gougeage long de la route tourmentée
de la vie son combat sinistrées

Une perle de sueur échappé
du désert qui a été son visage
Il est tombé à un endroit sous ses pieds, une explosion silencieuse

La tige sur son dos
pesé lourd, les os fêlés, tristes soupirs écho
et le souffle étouffé travaillé

Le corbeau, plumes noires, le mal des yeux
suivi la piste de ses pensées, ses paroles
qui saignait dans la ballade triste du vent

Un inconnu était assis sur le bord de la route
repoussant et frappent des mouches qui collaient à sa peau
et sucé son sang

De sous le bord de son chapeau poussiéreux
ses yeux, sombres hublots de l'enfer, se pencha sur l'approche
flou de son hôte tant attendu

Un coup de vent et d'étouffement de sable rouge
rempli ses poumons, yeux fermés
et puis l'odeur subtile douceur de lilas

Il se leva et tapota sur le sable de ses vêtements
sans même une pensée de regarder vers le bas à cet endroit
sur la route, où la floraison des lilas

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Insomniac

At night when others sleep, she walks through walls into other dimensions. She hears the sound of the night. She hears the loud silence. She sees the white face of the owl. She is alone. She feels the loneliness in her skin. She would like to sleep....but.... This is Moongirl signing off.


I do not sleep. I dream. I run from one danger to the next. Wild animals pursue me. Demons emerge from shadows. Stairs lead nowhere. Tidal waves engulf me. Death pursues me. I would like to sleep without dreams. This is Moongirl signing off.