Moongirlpaula (I'm a Na'vi native)

Moongirlpaula (I'm a Na'vi native)
I'm a bit different from other people

Friday, July 16, 2010

Moongirl in Hindsight-17-7-10 - Road Rage vs Road Demon

Now before I commence this next blog, it must be stated that I in no way condone any kind of violence, violent behaviour, anti-social or aggressive behaviour or road rage. If you have been reading my previous entries you will be slightly familiar and acquainted with the devious, villainous, deranged and diabolical "Road Demon" who watches my every move, who follows me, who taunts me to distraction and who is without question trying to kill me. On this particular day I was driving quite leisurely along a seaside road, the wind in my hair, an angelic halo shining above my head and the peace and calm of a silent motionless sea enhancing my psyche. Out of nowhere he came up behind me, revving his engine, making obscene gestures at me through my rearview mirror. He quickly advanced, overtaking me, and as he passed, in a flurry of anger, he raised the proverbial middle finger to show his distaste of my carefree, calm existence. Now, being the non-violent pacifist that I am, I could have easily ignored this ultra-selfabsorbed-manic-executioner of all things good, but something took hold of me, something...some other being from deep inside of me, an angry, vengeful being that said I must take my revenge. Without stopping to think about consequences, without stopping to let my logical common sense take control, I planted my vengeful foot on a flattened accelerator. I took my position, nudging the back bumper bar of the Road Demon, he could not escape, at every corner at every intersection, I was there right on his tail, glaring at him through his rearview mirror. I could see his eyes widen. I could see that no one had ever reacted to his bad road manners before. I was the first and hopefully the last. He would learn a lesson today. He would learn that it is not polite to give the finger to someone who is at peace with life and all things living. He would learn it is indeed dangerous to awaken a gentle soul from a peaceful slumber. He turned quickly into a driveway and disappeared behind tall trees and an even taller fence. I parked by the kerb across the road, seething, anger filling my veins, my brain, and watched as his head bobbed up over the top of the fence, slightly hidden between trees to see if I was still there. I decided to sit there for a while and make him feel the pain he had caused me. I would never ever do that again. I would never again let my anger escape like that. After all I am a peace loving gentle creature with no wish to harm anyone. Will the Road Demon continue to taunt me? We shall see....we shall see.

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