Moongirlpaula (I'm a Na'vi native)

Moongirlpaula (I'm a Na'vi native)
I'm a bit different from other people

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Moongirl - In Hindsight - The Power of Government

We have a Federal Election this month. I am very worried as I can see that so many people are going to vote for the wrong reasons. All of the talk by the opposing political parties has centred around immigration and taxes. My main concerns are for our environment, for a clean Australia, for safe and healthy home grown food, to try to slow the greenhouse effect, to do everything in our power to promote and to keep our earth safe. I know most people will vote for a leader or their party based on their personality or how they speak in debates. None of the contenders have spoken about the things I am most concerned about. It is a worrying time for me. Moongirl signing out. xxx

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