Moongirlpaula (I'm a Na'vi native)

Moongirlpaula (I'm a Na'vi native)
I'm a bit different from other people

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Washing Machine

I've just completed my first wash in my new washing machine. 9.5kg, it is a biggy. Yay!! I've been doing my washing by hand for the past few months. Talk about living in the dark ages. Well, this morning I made up some cookie dough for a new batch of Moondog's cookies. He loves them and I know that they are filled with goodness because I made them myself. I make everything for Moondog now and he is much healthier for it too. The world should unite and stop buying the untested pet foods that are on our supermarket shelves. Well I'm going to have a cup of tea now, (Earl Grey). This is Moongirl signing off.

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